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Mission Statement

Early in 2009 I was introduced to the SoftWare Audio Console. I read the information available on the site and downloaded the demo. I read through the manual and played with the demo. I was interested in the concept and as I gathered more information I became more excited. I decided that this was the avenue that I wanted to tread as far as a digital mixing environment is concerned.

While I had made the basic decision to go with a SAC system I had to wait for the money to become available. I was booked for the Daytona Spring Motorcycle rally so that was to be the source of the needed money. The spring rally is a nine day event with three or four bands playing each day. Having familiarized myself with SAC and the idea of virtual mixing, I paid particular attention to my workflow and the things that I was doing to make it all happen. I saw that there would be very little that would present a problem if I were working within SAC's UI.

I ordered the parts for a computer and the other hardware needed to make this a reality. I put together a 32 channel system. I have begun to use the system in live work. It is a very powerful system, and yet, very compact. The system replaces a lot of hardware and makes life easier in general. The quality is comparable to the current generation of digital hardware consoles at a fraction of the cost.

I bought my first computer in 2001. Since that time I have upgraded and built several computers. If you are interested in my experiences you could visit my computer hobby site: I Built My Computer. When I decided that I wanted a SAC system it was only natural for me to assemble the system myself.

I am still an active sound technician with a small production company. I am using this system for many of the events that I do. I have included my calendar on the site because I do go out on the road from time to time. My primary business has been motorcycle rallies around the country for the past 12 years. When I am on the road I do not always have good access to email, so check my calendar if you do not hear from me in short order.

If you are interested in my production company the website is AudioArt Sound. I also operate a live mixing tips and information site at Mixing Live Sound and a Live Sound Forum.

There is a system integrator that is producing full SAC systems. You can check what they have to offer at: Computer Integrated Audio, LLC. Staff personnel from CIA have been closely associated with the development of the software package. Check out what they have to offer.

Note: I have recently visited the website. The site is still up and it appears that the offer is still available, but the site appears to not have been updated for some time. The demo version of SAC offered for download was still SAC 2.8 while the current SAC version is 3.1. If you are interested in the demo I would suggest downloading it from the SAC  Demo Downloads page.