Is six auxes enough?

The Auxiliary Section

The Software Audio Console incorporates six aux busses per channel. The auxes are switchable for operation pre or post fader. There is an on/off switch and a send level control on each channel strip. The busses are all stereo so if your are using a stereo channel the image will be maintained through to your effects.

Aux section from the W Mixer

The Aux Sends

The Output Section

Aux Section Controls

Above are the aux sends on each channel as seen in the W Mixer view. There is a pan slider at the top of the send and a send level fader on the lower right side. There is a readout of the send level in the white box. The in/out and pre/post switches are to the left of the send fader.

The send/return section of the F Mixer view is shown to the left. Each module has a send level fader (top) and a return level fader (bottom). There is a label area above each fader. There is a solo and a mute on each of the return channels.

As you can see in the assignment section in the W mixer view below, the sends and returns can be patched internally for use with various plugins. They also can be patched to hardware ins and outs.

You can use external effects processors with the SAC system by using the hardware patching available. There are very good plugin processors, but you do not loose the capability of using your favorite hardware units.

Aux Assignment Section

There is also a full array of assignment possibilities with the aux returns. You can send them directly to the main outputs or route them through a sub-group or DCA group. The surround mixing outputs are also available to the aux returns.

The Aux Assignment ScreenW Mixer Assignment Screen

The W Mixer view puts all the controls for one return strip on one screen. One would use this view for set-up and the F Mixer view for control during the mix session.

Six Auxes may not seem like a lot, but remember, there are twenty five consoles in the Software Audio Console package. Some things that require a aux send on a hardware console can be better served using one of the other available consoles. There are also patch points on each channel to insert dedicated effects.


With full stereo operation and virtual or hardware patching the auxiliary section offers a great deal of flexibility. It is seamlessly integrated into the overall software package that is the SoftWare Audio Console.

What do you think about the Aux Section?

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