One Year Anniversary

The Church of God Woman’s convention marked my one year anniversary of using SAC as my main mixing solution. I had done one small gig with my SAC rig before the convention last year. This was my second woman’s convention using SAC.

In the fall when I did the Youth Convention in the same room my remote refused to connect to the main computer via WiFi. I mixed the Youth Convention on my netbook. This time I had forgotten the netbook and again had a problem. I traced the problem down to a wrong passphrase to my router. The remote computer worked fine for the whole event after I got it connected.

There was one problem with the recording of one of the messages. The CD recorded a bit more data than the duplicator felt that it could copy. I did not have any audio utilities on my SAC rig to deal with the problem. We went online and downloaded CDeX and Audacity and I installed them on the SAC host. I then ripped the CD to the SAC host and opened it in Audacity and chopped about four minutes off the end of the recording. This made the duplicator happy and the copies were burned. The last CD we recorded had a scratch in the surface that caused problems. I was a bit nervous about using the ripper while the SAC engine was live, but they needed to try and salvage the content. I ripped the CD and there were about 50 errors, but the ripper made it through. I then burned a copy and it worked in the duplicator. I am sure there was some noise through the area of the scratch/errors, but they were able to make copies for distribution. The computer had no problem multitasking with the engine live and there were no slipped buffers through the exercise.

The hotel had set my mix location up on the opposite wall from my usual location. This placed me away from the musicians, but did not cause any real problem. The hotel staff does like the fact that there is no snake to the mix location. I like that feature, too, as there is a lot less to pack up at the end of the event.

This week I will be headed up to Myrtle Beach to work the motorcycle rally there with the SAC rig. I will write up a report when I return.

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