Grand Strand MotorCycle Rally 2010

I am late in making this post. I returned from the Grand Strand (Formerly Myrtle Beach) rally over a week ago. This was my second year in Myrtle with the SAC system.

The rally was shortened a bit and was not well attended, but the venue I work had a good weekend and is planning to continue the tradition in the fall. Myrtle Beach decided that they did not want to sponsor a rally and has become very biker unfriendly. They are suffering the consequences in that the area lost a great deal of revenue on which many local residences depend.

The outlying areas are still promoting the rally and did well with it, even though overall attendance was down.

The D. B. Bryant Band, one of the scheduled bands had to cancel because the drummer quit on them. They were scheduled to play early in the week. They had a replacement drummer lined up, but he was not available until later in the week. Because of that I got to see my friends Blue 88 and the first real biker band with whom I ever worked, the 69 Band. Joe Santana filled the other slot early in the week.

Wednesday through Saturday we had the Dallas Moore band and the multi-tribute group – Paradise CityDead or Alive – and Silver Bullet doing G&R, Bon Jovi, and Seger. We also had headline appearances Friday and Saturday nights by Hells Bells. These are all bands that I have worked with in the past.

Paradise City had worked recently in Bloomington, Indiana. The tech in the club talked about his SAC system but was running the house system. Then they got to the rally and saw a SAC system in person. The community is still relatively small and many SAC users are active in the SAC Forum. I was able to make an educated guess as to whom they were referring. I confirmed by email that my guess was correct. They were very interested in the system as they are planning to move to an in-ear monitor system and the capabilities of the SAC system are impressive.

I did take a good number of pictures of bikes and motorcycle art and plan to post a gallery on my MC Rally site.

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  1. RidinWind Says:

    I had heard that about Myrtle Beach. There are still several others to attend – no biggie!