Channel Color Coding New with SAC Version 2.6

With the update to Version 2.6 the SAC software now allows Color Coding for the label area on the channel strips.

Label Area Color Coding

This feature allows you to easily highlight an important channel or to color code groups of channels for quick reference. This is a good addition to the UI.

There are sixteen colors available and the color palette is adjustable through the options menu. If you make adjustments to the default color picker they will be passed down to the remotes when they connect to the host.

To place a color on a channel a left/right click or an alt right click on the label area will call up the color picker. The screen shot shows the sixteen colors available from the default palette. In use I find that holding the left mouse button and giving a quick tap on the right button seems to work best with my wireless mouse. Calling up the color picker has been a bit touchy. The available colors are displayed in the right column but must be selected with the buttons on the left.

This is one of several great new features available with the free update to SAC Version 2.6.

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