My SAC Experience

Editor’s Note: This blog post was first posted in a thread on the SAC forum. The thread was off topic for the forum and I suspected that it would be deleted by the forum admin. I kept a copy of the post and I present it to you here. I intend to make a page on the main site detailing how I use SAC and will try to remember to link to it from this post when/if I get the page uploaded to the site.

For me, my SAC rig has been a great pleasure from day one!! I heard about SAC in the winter of ’08/’09. I soon made the decision to get a rig together but had to wait for some spring income.

I built my rig and got it stabilized at around 3PM on a Friday afternoon and took it to the gig that evening. I had read the manual but had no hands on experience. I got several compliments on the sound from knowledgeable people attending the shows (a local band reunion gig).

My next gig was a church convention with full band and seven praise team mics in addition to the podium mic. I carried my Soundcraft GB-8 and ran a snake. The GB-8 sat the whole weekend where it landed when I unloaded the trailer.

I do primarily event and festival work with the occasional church convention (read black gospel) thrown in. When I do have to provide a hardware FOH console (seldom for me) for a show engineer I still do monitors and mix opening acts in SAC.

I have turned several band engineers loose on the SAC rig with only a few minutes overview and they have had no problem mixing their shows. In the most recent incident the tech and the band leader were impressed enough with SAC that the band leader wants to replace his Yahama LS-9 with a SAC rig.

For four years I did a local blues festival presenting primarily IBC and other blues award winning bands. The first year I carried a hardware monitor desk but did FOH in SAC. The second year I set up the same rig but we had an emergency venue change due to weather conditions. When we moved to a venue with a basic house system I took my SAC rig and mixed FOH and monitors (with my tech) feeding the house system. Last year an act that does around 50 festival dates a year told the promoter that our stage was one of the best she had worked. I might add that this festival has 18 ‘throw and go’ acts over three days.

I have never hooked up a control surface to my rig. With a bit of thought SAC can do nearly anything I want to do. It matches my style of mixing without problem.

I suspect that many who are dissatisfied with SAC are trying to mix on a computer rather than a digital console. There are several ways to do nearly anything in SAC. Find the ways that fit your work flow and the situation and SAC will work for you.

PS: The sound is my primary concern and with SAC the sound is incredible!!

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