Can you think of ways to use plug-in effects?

The Plug-in Effects System


There are effects patch points on each channel both pre and post fader. There are also patch points on all of the output channels both live and virtual. Plug-in effects can easily be patched to any of these points.

A wide variety of plug-ins can be used. SAC will not accept a plug-in that causes latency, but there are many choices that work well in the environment. There are eq and delay plugs that come with the package.

In addition the developer has several plugs that were developed for SAW Studio that work seamlessly with the software. These include a Studio Reverb, the Levelizer (a compressor/limiter), and a Frequency Analyzer. In addition, many VST and DX plug-ins work well with the Software Audio Console.

The Patch Points

The Effects Assignment ButtonsThe effects patching section is shown to the left. There are pre and post fader options for each channel and each output strip. 

The picture shows something patched on both points. The pre-fader effect is engaged and the post fader effect is bypassed, denoted by the broken link. The Strip Indicators

The indication in the channel strip is shown to the right. There is some indication of the state of all of the sections in the channel strip.

The Effects Screen

Effects List

The effects choices screen shows the options available. All installed plugs that can be used with SAC will show up on this screen. To patch an effect you simply click on an option to select it and then click on the add button in the appropriate patching window.

A Patching Window

You can patch multiple effects on a patch point. The order in which they are patched can be changed by holding the control button on the keyboard and hitting the up or down arrow keys. This will move the effect that is selected in the chosen direction.

There is the Add button to add an effect. The Rem button will remove the highlighted effect. The Clr button will remove all effects from the patch point. The FX button will call up the Effects Choices screen if it is not visible in the interface.


The effects system is very easy to use and provides a good deal of power. The channel patch points can be used if you want a dedicated effect for a particular instrument or voice.

The patch points on the Aux returns can be used to patch virtual plugs in the same manner that global effects are patched in a hardware environment. The Auxs can also be patched to hardware ins and outs for use with external processing.

The patch points to the hardware outputs can be used for system EQ and limiting. You can also patch bandpass filters for use as your system crossover.

How could you use Plug-in Effects?

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