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F Key Views

The SAC user interface that you see on the screen is customizable. The various windows can be resized and rearranged in the familiar Windows way to suit the situation and your workflow.

You can save your favorite screen arrangements using the 'F' keys across the top of the keyboard.The Standard Function Keys You can then instantly recall the screen arrangement that suits your current needs with a keystroke.

There is a default 'F' key file that loads automatically when the program opens. There are a total of 24 memory slots available to store screen arrangements, two banks of 12 screens. The first bank of 12 screens can be recalled by using the associated 'F' keys. For use with the F key views the 'ALT' key is the bank switch, so holding the 'ALT' key and pressing an 'F' key recalls the view for that key from the second bank.

If you work in several environments it is also possible to store sets of 'F' key views as a file. When SAC starts the default set loads but you can recall a saved file of workspace views and it will remain active until the program is closed. The two banks are stored as separate files so you could save 12 extra views to the alternate 'F' key memory slots and just change those slots depending on the demands of the situation.

Once you have arranged a screen to your liking you can save it to memory by using the shift+F key combination. This will pop up an F key properties box with check boxes to control exactly what is saved in the F key memory slot.F-Key Properties Dialog This operation saves the view to memory but does not overwrite any files. It will be available until the program is closed. If you want to overwrite the default file or save a new file with your custom views you can do that through the file menu. In addition to the screen layout you can save the start channel, mixer number, and the hot channel.

Your use of the 'F' keys, like so many things in SAC, is limited only by your immagination.

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