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Mixer Views


There are various views of the mixer sections available through F key views. There is a default set of F key views for various screen sizes. The views are customizable and can be saved as a default or alternate set of views. There are 24 F key memory locations, F-1 through F-12 and then ALT+F-1 through ALT+F-12. This is one F View screen on a 22" monitor:

F key View

Click image for full screen view.

There is a great deal of information available on this screen. There is the wide mixer in the lower left, 20 channels of the F mixer in the lower right, three effects windows and the scenes window across the top of the view.

The Wide Mixer

The wide mixer view presents all of the controls for one channel in one screen. the same controls are available in the Z mixer, but the wide mixer presents them all on the screen at one time. This makes it easy to make multiple adjustments to one channel in one location.

The W Mixer

You can open this view at any time to check all the parameters of the hot channel. This view is especially handy during a sound check as you have all the controls for the channel available. You can advance to the next channel with the scroll wheel on the mouse or with the arrow keys.

The F Mixer Veiw

Channel Strips on the F Mixerstrip_smallEnlarged view of image

The F Mixer view is the primary working view for most people. There are quick shortcuts to any section of the channel strip by clicking the colored buttons on the upper portion of the channel strip. These buttons include the input/attenuator section, the EQ section, the dynamics section, the effects patch points, the aux section, and the channel output assingment section. (Note: hover over the small image for a larger view*)

There is a label section between the buttons and the fader. To write a label you either shift click or control click on the label area. A flyout label box will appear and you type your label into the box. You must hit the enter key to write the label to the channel.

Label Box

The shift click will label an individual channel and close the box on the enter command. The control click will label the hot channel and move on to the next channel on hitting the enter key.

Just above the fader are the solo and mute buttons. There are several modes for the solo function as well as a patch point on the solo buss. To the right of the fader is the channel metering. There are several tap points for the meter and several tapers for the fader.

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