The Output Section of SAC

The SAC output section

Output section using Brett Brandon's Outdoor Shade.

The output section is made up of two sections denoted by the different color knobs in this shade. All outputs are stereo, although they can be assigned mono.

The first eight outputs can be assigned to hardware outputs on your sound card. This means that you could have eight stereo feeds for main outputs, delay stacks, zones, and recording or video outputs. An other way that outputs can be used is with a band pass filter to do speaker processing on board, using three or four outputs for a three or four way speaker system.

There are pre- and post-fader patch points on all channels. These allow you to use plug-in signal processors. The patch points through out the console allow you to stack plug-ins. You can use an EQ, Compressor, and band pass filter on the same output. The software will feed the output signal of the first to the inputs of the second plug-in and on down the line.

The remaining sixteen channels can be used as conventional sub-groups or as group latches. The groups or latches can be sent to any or all of the hardware outputs. 

If you need additional hardware outputs one of the 24 monitor consoles could be set up to follow the FOH desk and those outputs could also be assigned. This also allows separate mixes a step above most matrix output systems on conventional consoles.

As with all sections of the virtual console the output section provides a great deal of flexibility. With all the routing options available you can do nearly anything that you may want with this software.

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