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Content Posting Tips

In working with this script there are a few things that I have noticed. There are some weaknesses in the posting process. Knowing what these weaknesses are there are easy work-arounds, but some of them have bitten me once or twice.

I recommend that you do your actual writing in a text editor or word processor that can save/export as plain text. There is no spell check incorportated in the script and it appears that FireFox's spell checker can not see into the text entry box. Using an editor with spell check takes care of the problem. A trick if you do choose to write within the browser and use FireFox and probably Chrome, maybe with other browsers as well, if there is a word about which your are uncertain start typing it into the search box. Google suggest will probably complete the word after a few letters are typed into the search box.

Another reason for writing locally is the lack of an auto draft save function in the script. I had an article that had a problem when I hit the publish button. The work was lost. I tried hitting the back button, but that just went to an empty page as well. This may be partly the same problem where the text in the entry box is hidden from the browser. If you write locally and then just paste into the entry box, if there is a problem you can just paste again.

There are also some very nice features with the script and editor. You have the ability to place images within your posts. Few article sites allow images but pictures do make things much more interesting. Remember the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

The link editor is also a nice feature for the resource box. Most article directory resource box editors require input in html for keyword links. With this script you can use a link input wizard to form your links in your rersource box. The link button is also available on the body content area, but our terms of service require no self-serving links in the article body and all links in the article body are discouraged. Many editors will not publish an article with links in the body, so this is to your benefit by allowing for maximum distribution.

Please check this page occasionally for updates. If I find more gotchas I will update the page.