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SAC User Reports

The Software Audio Console virtual mixing system is used on a daily basis to mix a broad range of live performances. It has found a home mixing most genres of music, theater performances, and in houses of worship. Users all agree that the sound is exceptional.

The SAC system is highly configurable and is used in different ways by different users. Some users mix completely in the box while others require control surfaces to perform their jobs.

SAC users are a diverse crowd. The community is diverse in age and experience. It is an international community. Visitors to this site come from all around the world.

I am inviting users of SAC Systems to write up their experiences and the ways in which they use the software in articles in this section of the site. I am requesting that users with whom I have contact write up their experiences using the software. These reports reflect the way that these users honestly feel about the software.

This is not limited to SAC owners. Reports from engineers who have sat in on a SAC rig would be very welcome.

Note: When I registered for a user account I had trouble with the activation email actually activating the account. If you have a problem just use the contact form and I will manually activate the account. Thanks, Wink


Latest Articles

1: SAC On Fremont St Las Vegas
SAC in use for a street festival on Fremont Street in Los Vegas.

2: SAC Live At Harrah's Hotel In Las Vegas
This video shows the SAC installation in Harrah's Showroom in Las Vegas.

3: SAC And The 3M MultiTouch Technology
A video showing the new 3M multi-touch monitor being used as a controller for SAC.

4: SAC on tour with Tesla
This video shows SAC in use for a Tesla show in Salt Lake City, including the 3M multi-touch monitor.

5: SAC Making Music With Michel Legrand
This behind the scenes video tells about the major production of a made for TV tribute to composer Michael Legrand.