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SAC Rig V2.0 with Equipment List

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I used the original SAC rig that I put together for five years. The system worked well and was always a pleasure for me to use as far as mixing sound but there was always the inconvenience of plugging in a monitor, plugging in a mouse, and plugging in a keyboard before the rig was ready to be turned on.

SAC 2.0 rig set up

Ready to Rock

I decided that it was time to build my SAC rig Version 2.0. When I built the new rig I also built a custom cabinet in which to house the new rig. The monitor is attached to the lid and stays plugged into the computer. There is space available on the deck for the keyboard and mouse and they can remain plugged in to the computer at all times. This has made the SAC system much more pleasant to use. It also looks much more professional than my original SAC rig.

Installed Equipment in SAC V2.0 rig

The Equipment Bay

The equipment is arranged in what amounts to two four space ranks side by side. The computer case (three space shallow server case) and a single space inline UPS occupy the left side and four ADA-8200s fill the right side. With the back cover removed there is easy access to the output connectors and the inputs on the front are easy to see. I numbered the units from bottom to top. I have always had the habit of plugging in my board from channel one up, so with channel one on the bottom I don't have to fight with hanging cords to plug in the higher numbers.

The system ready for transport

Ready to Roll

For transportation the lid latches to the lower case and it is ready to roll. At the gig I usually set it on an amp rack but a keyboard stand works fine when the situation dictates. The lid is set up to either sit straight up or to be angled back depending on which position is most comfortable for the operator. The monitor also sits at a slight angle in the lid. With the lid in operating position there is a nice sized deck area available for keyboard and mouse operation.

SAC Equipment List:

'A' Rig

The heart of this computer is an i3 Haswell @3.6Ghz with 6Mb cache on a Gigabyte motherboard with a Z87 chipset. There are 8Gb of ram and an 120Gb OCZ SSD. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. Hyperthreading is disabled in bios. The sound card is an RME RayDat card updated to the latest firmware at the time of installation. The server case is three rack spaces with a 15 inch depth. There is a single rack space Triplite Smart-500 inline UPS. There are four Behringer ADA-8200 preamp/converters. The monitor is an Acer 23.5" low end monitor. Video is handled by the onboard Intel video. The router is a DLink 655. I use an almost generic keyboard and mouse by Logitech. The computer power supply is the generic 400W unit supplied with the case. There is also a hot swap drive bay installed in the case as well as DVD/CD player.

'B' Rig

The B rig uses an i3 Haswell @3.9Ghz with 6Mb cache on a Gigabyte motherboard with a Z97 chipset. It has 8Gb of ram and a Samsung 120Gb SSD boot drive. I could not locate a switch in bios so hyperthreading is on on this machine. It is in the old deep four space server rack. It was and emergency rebuild of the original SAC system. I did use a new power supply and the existing DVD and hot swap drive bay. It also has a card reader left over from the original rig. I used the old RME Raydat but did the firmware update at the time of installation. It is also running on Windows 7 Home Premium. The converters are two of the original ADA-8000s and two Art TubeOptos. I use an LG 21.5" monitor. There is also a DLink 655 router with this system.


My primary remote has been an Acer 10" netbook. I upgraded the netbook with a 9 cell battery and an SSD and can get 8 or 9 hours on a charge. I plug in a keyboard and monitor (LG 21.5") if I set up a FOH position. I also have a numeric keypad that I usually plug in when I am roaming. In most cases WiFi has worked well but I do carry CAT 5 and powerline networking adapters.

Last summer I saw a tiny Asus computer, basically a laptop without screen or keyboard. I bought the computer and an SSD and now use it if I set up a FOH mix location. The radio is not as good as it could be but powerline networking works fine.

Would you do sound on a computer?

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