How would you use the scenes?

The Scenes System

There is a powerful scenes system integral to the system. It is possible to control a single parameter on a single channel on a single mixer. It is also possible to save all parameters on every mixer and everything in between.

You can save an entire mix in a scene or in a mix session. When changing bands in a multi-band show with a full mix scene saved from sound check you can just recall the scene for the band and be ready to rock.

Scenes can also be used to mute effects between songs or to mute the entire board at the end of a set. An unlimited number of scenes can be created to produce a desired effect at a given time. There is also a timer function to control how rapidly the scene changes. This allows for either instant changes or for the transition to fade from one scene to the next.

The Scene Screen

The Scenes List

This is the scenes list that is available with the interface. There are multiple ways to trigger a scene. You can double click on the scene in the list. You can also pre-select the scene and then click the Recall button on cue. You can also trigger the scene change by selecting the scene and tapping the space bar on cue to effect the change.

The Set-Up Screen

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The scene properties screen

The Scene Properties window is where the actions of the scene are set up. By selecting just the parameters needed you have very fine resolution of the action of the scene. At the top center is the fade time in milliseconds, so 1000 milliseconds equals one second fade time.

The scenes system can also save the parameters for plug-in effects. Presets can be set up in scenes and recalled as needed, just like changing patches on a delay or reverb.

Scenes can be easily reordered with the control + arrow key combination. The arrow keys will move the selection when the scene list is in focus. There is an auto advance setting available so that the scene system will move the selection to the next scene as soon as a scene is triggered.


The scenes system in The Software Audio Console can be used in many ways. From simple mute operations up to saving a full mix the scenes can do the job.

The developer has stated that a sequence system and midi implementation are in the plan for SAC. These will give the SAC system unparalleled show automation options for the live arena.

How do you use scenes?

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