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Tablet Support in SAC

Disclaimer: I do not own a tablet computer or even a smart phone. I have never personally tried to use a tablet for a remote with SAC. I do keep up with posts on the SAC forum and that is the source of some of the information that I present here.

The Software Audio Console was designed before touch screen tablets became common, probably before they were even available, at least on an economical basis. Because they were below the event horizon at the time no real consideration was given to using a tablet computer as a remote input device. The developer added a 'touch panel view' screen (see image to the right) toSAC's Touch Panel View Screen the software that makes the most necessary keyboard functions available to the tablet user. This makes it possible to use a tablet with an input pen. I would probably still use a mouse and most tablets provide Bluetooth support so I would probably just use a Bluetooth mouse. At some point he may design a tablet GUI that has larger feature sizes and is more friendly to touch control, but this does not seem to have a high priority.

The SAC software is Windows software. Since it is Windows software it requires a full Windows OS in which to run. With the introduction of Windows8.1 Microsoft provided that OS (WindowsRT was not a full Windows OS). There is little hope of having the complete remote function ever to operate on an iPad or Android tablet, although I seem to recall that some users have been able to get limited control on these devices. The first tablets to run the Windows8.1 OS were the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets but the market is competitive and other tablet manufacturers now offer Windows8.1 based tablets at reasonable prices.

As with other aspects of the software, if your main interest is operating the system with a tablet you should accept or reject SAC based on the capability that it now offers. There are many situations in which the current tablet support can work fine. As a musician's remote to adjust monitors it can be acceptable. As an auxiliary device to touch up a mix while roaming a venue it can serve as it now is. You would probably not want to use the current implementation as your primary remote mixing option for a show. Consider a tablet as a convenient accessory item to your SAC rig for use at times when it is the best tool for the job.

Afterthoughts: In thinking about a tablet it has seemed to me that a mouse would still be my preferred input device. Nearly all current users say that a pen is a necessity. It is recommended that a pen with a sharp point be used for precession. I wondered about mouse/keyboard support in the tablet format. I did a search and found that Windows tablets have probably the best support. If you are an iPad user you are out of luck because iPads have no mouse support. Most tablets do feature Bluetooth support and most Windows tablets have at least one full size USB port so using external devices is not a problem.


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